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Join the great scone debate: Is it pronounced scohne or scon?

Leave your prejudices at the door, this is serious business.
Apr 23rd 2014, 7:30 PM 5,121 14

RIGHT, LET’S NOT pussyfoot around the issue. What’s it gonna be, scon or scohne?

We’re talking about this, a scone.

Cheese scones

Scones in Saundersfoot

Cream tea

Scone, cream and tea

Mmm. Anyone got any scones?


Anyway, what do you call them? First, we put the feelers out.

There were fighters for both sides

But for many, scon was deemed notiony

Ultimately, it’s down to you, the scone-devouring Irish public.

How do you pronounce ‘scone’?

Poll Results:

Scohne, shouldn't even be a question (1545)
Please. It's Scon (271)
Biscuit, I think I'm American (12)

In next week’s scone instalment we’ll be asking if your granny’s scones were better than our grannies’ scones.

Not really though. We ALL know the answer to that one.

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