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A rogue scorpion had Waterford city on high alert

The creature was spotted on Alphonsus Road.

WE’RE NOT USED to dealing with wild scorpions here in Ireland so when the people of Waterford heard one was loose in the city there was a minor hullabaloo.

Local radio station WLRfm’s Big Breakfast Blaa team revealed that a creepy creature had been spotted in town.

Source: The Big Breakfast Blaa

The locals managed to keep panic to an absolute minimum.

Source: WLRfm

Although, some did take to Twitter to warn friends and neighbours of the possible danger.

Finally, one brave local decided to attempt to catch the beast, only to discover that it wasn’t quite as dangerous as they’d feared.

WLRfm News reports that the individual spotted the creature next to the wheel of a car while walking his dogs. He asked a neighbour for a jam jar or a newspaper to try and catch it with.

The task didn’t prove too difficult though, because the scorpion in question was actually a child’s toy.

Source: WhatCulture

Now now lads, save the April Fools for next week.

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