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This story of a lizard getting trapped inside a man's leg is pure nightmare fuel

Good luck sleeping tonight.

SEANAN MAGUIRE IS an award-winning author.

Growing up, she was surrounded by all manner of wildlife, including lizards.

Two days ago, she revealed that she had gotten an alligator lizard and regaled her Twitter followers with tales of growing up with lizards and other miscellaneous reptile facts.

And then she told a story that will haunt you for the rest of your days.

It started out quite promisingly.

Sure, that sounds exciting!

She explained that she once worked with a reptile rescue organisation.

One day they got a rather peculiar phone call.

When they arrived, there wasn’t a lizard in a sight.


Cue panic.

But how?!?!

Oh God, oh God, oh God.

And then, my friends, the lizard climbed right in.

And wouldn’t budge.

So, how did they extract the lizard from the man’s leg?

And hey presto…

Give her a medal for courage or something, tbh.

The good news? The lizard lived happily ever after.

Just for reference, here is what an alligator lizard looks like:

Now imagine that climbing into your leg.

Good luck sleeping tonight.

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