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8 shameful social media activities we're all guilty of

Let us band together in our shame.

ONE OF OUR FAVOURITE things to do as a modern society is complain about how people act on social media – but none of us is perfect.

We all have little things we like to indulge in online that we’d very rarely admit to doing. It’s OK though. No need to worry. We have it on good authority that almost everyone is guilty of at least one of these.

Regularly partaking in deep, deep Facebook creeping

creep Source: Wordpress

How did you end up scrolling through your childhood friend’s mother’s Facebook pictures? No idea!

Accidentally liking an old photo during a deep creep

How do we undo this? Will they still get an email? Is it too late for us now?

tumblr_m9as6seb5R1ruxzhv Source: Tumblr

*silent scream*

Deleting unpopular posts

That spot-on observation you thought was hilarious got less than five likes…



Obsessively keeping track of likes and retweets

All of a sudden you’re this guy. You just LOVE to count!

thecount Source: YouTube

You don’t want it to seem like you care but, y’know, you care. You put a lot of work into those 140 characters.

Putting Spotify on ‘Private Session’ for a cheesy music binge


private session

Means this:


And no one will ever know. Ever.

Sneakily untagging unflattering photos

You’ll laugh with the rest of them, but at the first opportunity you’ll creep back and untag. Future-proofing your Facebook photo albums is important to you.

Checking who has unfollowed you

Your heart is saying no.


But your head is saying GO.

Spending ages on getting the perfect angle/pose/filter for a selfie

#up #natural Source: kimkardashian

It never comes out right the first time. Or the second time. Or even the seventh time.

Nevertheless, your hashtag of choice: #iwokeuplikethis

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