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Here's why Twitter went crazy for the Living Dolls documentary

We’re guessing this ain’t the kind of doll Cliff Richard was singing about.

FORGET MRS DOUBTFIRE, these ‘maskers’ devote their lives to looking like ladies on a daily basis.

The internet has been abuzz with chatter about Channel 4′s latest documentary, Secrets of The Living Dolls, which introduced many of us to the world of ‘female masking’ for the first time last night.

If you were one of those who missed it, here’s the trailer.

Source: Channel 4

Secrets of the Living Dolls follows a group of men who secretly like to dress up in rubber masks and body suits in order to look like women. Joel the bartender is just one of them.

Here’s Joel with his mask.

Source: YouTube/Channel 4

And here he is wearing it.

Source: YouTube/Channel 4

Joel introduced his alter-ego to his friends for the first time during last night’s show, having previously kept his second skin a secret. However, seasoned ‘maskers’ like American ‘Vanessa’ showed that they were more than happy to venture out of the house in their alternative ensembles to meet up with friends.

Source: YouTube/Channel 4

Vanessa has even organised conventions for ‘maskers’ to meet and discuss everything from the latest developments in body suit design to their daily lives and experiences.

Source: YouTube/Channel 4

The documentary had been gaining some hype online in the days before it was broadcast thanks to the likes of Perez Hilton, so it probably wasn’t surprising to see Twitter explode just minutes after it began.

Most people were more concerned about the masks than the men’s life choices.

Source: YouTube/Channel 4

Meanwhile, others were concerned with more important issues.

And some were even 100 per cent supportive, expressing their belief that the men were incredibly brave to share their stories and experiences.

Those who were oblivious soon learned that they were missing some rather interesting TV, thanks in no small part to the Twitter frenzy.

And a select few found themselves wondering how they’d managed to get it so wrong.

Needless to say, it’s probably one you’ll want to catch up on. Sure won’t there be at least a few telly addicts talking about it in the office?

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