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You can now take your selfies with a special 'selfie hat'

Stop the world, we want to get off

DESIGNER CHRISTIAN COWAN Sanluis has teamed up with computer and tablet peddler Acer to produce the world’s first selfie hat.


Yes, you read that right… a selfie hat.


And the other product I did for Acer! The worlds first Selfie Hat! With the Iconia A1- 840 built in so you can take your #selfie ! #acer #acerselfie #acerselfiehat #christiancowansanluis #glitter #ladygaga Source: christiancs94

The monstrosity has an Iconia A1-840 built into it for perfect picture taking.

But first... Let me take a selfie #acer #acerselfie #acerselfiehat #christiancowansanluis Source: christiancs94

There’s also, inexplicably, a mini hat for the tablet itself.

ITS ARRRRIVED! My collaboration with Acer to celebrate the release of the Iconia A1- 840 , here is the case and mini hat! Source: christiancs94

Dreaming of ✨✨ my collaboration with Acer out now! #acer #acerselfie #acerselfiehat #christiancowansanluis Source: christiancs94

According to Company Magazine the hat is available “by appointment only”, but will be on show during London Fashion Week.

Better get booking that appointment!

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