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14 photos that prove humans don't deserve selfie sticks

Selfie sticks: a right, not a privilege.

1. Selfie sticks were invented for a very specific reason

Imgur Imgur

2. That is, so that you can take group shots without having to hand your phone to a stranger.

Imgur Imgur

3. That’s literally the whole point of carting a stick around with you

Imgur Imgur

4. So you can take that #epicselfie when nobody else is around

Imgur Imgur

5. And nobody will know how you got that incredible shot.

jacqrabbt jacqrabbt

6. But they’ll see how hot you looked!

Wordpress Wordpress

6. Selfie sticks are also good for taking pictures of foo-WAIT, NO THEY’RE NOT

Wordpress Wordpress

7. That makes no sense. Jeez.

OK. Look, fine, do whatever you want with them, just don’t…


abwoodhead abwoodhead

8. Really?

volairmedia volairmedia

9. This is what we’re doing now?

funnybiziness funnybiziness

10. After millions of years of evolution as a species, humanity is… here?

Imgur Imgur

11. OK. I give up.

Imgur Imgur

12. We just don’t deserve selfie sticks.

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13. Take them all away.

andyunwin7 andyunwin7

14. Except this girl’s.

Imgur Imgur

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