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14 photos that prove humans don't deserve selfie sticks

Selfie sticks: a right, not a privilege.

1. Selfie sticks were invented for a very specific reason

Source: Imgur

2. That is, so that you can take group shots without having to hand your phone to a stranger.

Source: Imgur

3. That’s literally the whole point of carting a stick around with you

Source: Imgur

4. So you can take that #epicselfie when nobody else is around

Source: Imgur

5. And nobody will know how you got that incredible shot.

Source: jacqrabbt

6. But they’ll see how hot you looked!

Source: Wordpress

6. Selfie sticks are also good for taking pictures of foo-WAIT, NO THEY’RE NOT

Source: Wordpress

7. That makes no sense. Jeez.

OK. Look, fine, do whatever you want with them, just don’t…


Source: abwoodhead

8. Really?

Source: volairmedia

9. This is what we’re doing now?

Source: funnybiziness

10. After millions of years of evolution as a species, humanity is… here?

Source: Imgur

11. OK. I give up.

Source: Imgur

12. We just don’t deserve selfie sticks.

Source: Imgur

13. Take them all away.

Source: andyunwin7

14. Except this girl’s.

Source: Imgur

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