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7 facetious theories about the seriously addictive Serial
Spoilers. Bad taste spoilers.


EPISODE EIGHT OF Serial dropped into your podcasts today.

It’s a murder mystery unfolding right before our eyes.

Baltimore teenager Hae Min Lee was murdered in January 1999 and within a year her ex boyfriend Adnan Syed had been found guilty of her murder and jailed.

Fifteen years later This American Life journalist Sarah Koenig started digging into the case after she was contacted by lawyer Rabia Chaudry, who believes that Adnan is innocent.

That digging has turned into a series of addictive podcasts, with the wait for each episode on par with the thirst for a new Game of Thrones, or a fresh Love/Hate. And the twists and turns and uncertainty are almost unbearable.

Theories about what actually happened to Hae Lee, and debates about Adnan’s innocence are hot topics around the internet at the moment; from ‘Jay and Jenn did it’ to ‘Adnan paid Jay to do it’ to ‘Adnan’s guilty’.

It’s a hot topic on Twitter too. Here are some of the more facetious, relatable (and somewhat distasteful) theories about what’s going on in the podcast which blurs the lines between entertainment and journalism…

Pass the dutchie

Pot-smoking is a running theme throughout Serial, ergo:

Poor Best Buy

The electronics retailer is getting a lot of mentions:

Or maybe…

Maria Christina Gutierrez

Episode eight theory:

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled…

….was convincing the world:

Mail Kimp girl did it

The lady who actually uses Mail Chimp did it

What’s she hiding?

This is why you should be following this murder mystery….

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