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Seth Rogen banned from random US restaurant over American Sniper comments

Michael Moore has also been barred from the steakhouse over perceived unpatriotic tweets.

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A STEAKHOUSE IN the US has gone the extra mile in the American Sniper controversy, by banning Seth Rogen from its premises.

Earlier in January, the Canadian actor compared the movie American Sniper to fictional Nazi propaganda – and some people have got a little upset.

Around the same time, Michael Moore tweeted this perceived slight on the Clint Eastwood film:

These two tweets have got the pair banned from a Michigan steakhouse, as The Huffington Post reports.

“Michael Moore and Seth Rogan [sic] are NOT allowed in my place,” reads the sign outside Brann’s Sizzling Steaks & Sports Grille:

Rogen and Moore Source: Facebook

“Chris Kyle is an American hero and what he represents to me is the goodness of America and the people who defend it,” Brann told The Huffington Post.

He continued, “The remark was offensive, and if Chris Kyle was still alive he would handle Michael Moore in a minute.”

As The AV Club notes, Seth Rogen might be able to get in on a technicality (if he really wants in), seeing as the sign spells his name incorrectly:

Of course, Seth Rogen will probably try to weasel his way inside anyway, insisting that he actually spells his name with an “E”—that this “Seth RogAn” guy is the one you want.

The controversy rolls on. Which regional US restaurant will be next to ban them?

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