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This woman’s letter about how sewing is dangerous on trains has become a gas meme

People have been taking the absolute piss, of course.

Singapore Metro Source: Tinker Sailor Soldier Spy

A FEW DAYS back, Singapore’s largest newspaper received a very important letter from a reader – and it’s gone super viral.

The letter was a lengthy complaint about a fellow train commuter who happened to be sewing as the carriage was moving.

Its headline was straight and to the point:


Ms Tan Lay Hoon outlined her concerns very articulately:

If the woman is pulling the needle in an upward movement and is caught unexpectedly by a sudden staggering of the train, an involuntary jerk of the hand holding the needle may cause the needle to jab at a fellow commuter sitting or standing close by.
While the train was relatively empty during the off-peak hour, sewing is not a safe activity to pursue inside a train that is travelling.

She parted with this line:

By the way, what circumstances warrant an activation of the emergency communication button?

Usually, letters to newspapers would be quickly forgotten about – but this one has taken on a life of its own.

Why? Well the sarcastic comments underneath have gone super viral

tushar Source: StraitsTimes

Like, the sarcasm was strong from Tushar:

I saw a guy swaying to music once. And I thought this was very dangerous. The trains lurch sometimes and if he sways in the direction of the lurch he could be propelled forward into another commuter who would then be rammed into one of the poles, breaking his neck, or back, or even cracking his skull. If he misses the pole, he might find himself propelled out the window, causing other commuters to fall out the window with him.

They just kept going as well – each one getting thousands of likes tearing into the original

reipoh Source: StraitsTimes

Merciless taking of the piss:

recently, i came across a schoolgirl laughing with an open mouth in the train. And i thought this was very dangerous. The train lurch sometimes and if she is laughing at a commuter in the direction of the lurch, she could be propelled towards the commuter and sink her teeth into his neck

The scourge of the unsecured tie

2tushar Source: StraitsTimes

The comments just kept on going, with her parting line becoming something of a punch line

reipoh2 Source: StraitsTimes

There is a lesson here:

I once saw a man on a train, he was wearing a watch, and his hand was not secured in his pocket. I informed him that it is dangerous to wear a watch on a train but he told me he had done so for many years and continued to leave his arm unsecured.

Things will get picked up on by the internet, and things will get sarcastic very fast.

Kudos to all involved.

hat-tip Mashable

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