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The Salt Lake City church where it all went down. (The man in this Google Maps photo was not involved.)
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Couple arrested for having sex on church lawn during wedding ceremony
They had to be pulled apart by police.

A MAN AND a woman have been arrested for performing a sex act on the lawn outside the church during a wedding.

Sandra Kruser and Wilson Benally had to be physically pulled apart by police officers after being discovered by a guest at the ceremony in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The pair “failed to follow directions” when they were asked to stop, the police report said. Neither had been invited to the wedding.

They were only stopped when a guest ran into the road to flag down a passing police car.

“I walked over to the couple and I physically saw the sex act,” arresting officer Rich Stone reported. He added: ”There were four children present at the time.”

The report also went into great detail about the specific sex act. Suffice it to say that it involved a tongue and a finger.

Kruser and Benally were both arrested and charged with gross lewdness and public intoxication.

via The Smoking Gun

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