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Man caught cheating after sexts synced to his wife's iPad


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YOU KNOW WHEN your phone or tablet tells you it’s “syncing” and you ignore it?

Yeah. You should pay attention to that.

According to MyNews13.com, an extramarital affair between two deputy sheriffs in south Florida was rumbled after sexy texts synced to a shared iPad.

Deputy Joseph Fetchick’s wife discovered thousands of explicit text messages from her husband to his colleague Sgt Valencia LaRue on her tablet, going back two months.

The messages reveal multiple “liaisons” while one or both officers were on duty, with the pair leaving their stations in schools and parks to do the dirty.

The sheriff’s investigators found them guilty of abandoning their posts, conduct unbecoming of an officer, and violating department ethics.

Fetchick was fired, while LaRue resigned before she could be given her marching orders.

Ah lads. Was it worth it? Was it really worth it?

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