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Who on earth would buy this 'sexy Donald Trump' Halloween costume?

Seriously. We want to meet them.

GOP 2016 Trump RNC Pledge Source: Associated Press

IT’S ALREADY THE third week of September (gasp!) which means you should be at least thinking of what you might dress up as for Halloween.

If you’re a lady, you may be wondering how you can dress up as everyone’s favourite US presidential candidate Donald Trump while maintaining that essential ‘sexy’ Halloween dress code. Well, it’s easy!

YR_E7081_SUZZIE_PS09092015 Source: Yandy

The ‘Donna T Rumpshaker’ set from sexy Halloween costume purveyors Yandy looks suspiciously like the wannabe president, from the windswept hair to the natty navy suit.

Let’s see. Sexy Donald Trump:

YR_E7081_4158_EXLCST2015 Source: Yandy

Regular Donald Trump:

GOP 2016 Trump Source: Associated Press

Can you tell the difference? Of course you can’t. See you on October 31 ;)

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