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A Definitive List Of The 10 Sexiest Irish Women's Names

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mui Source: Trent Strohn on Flickr

Muireann moves with the confidence of a woman who knows her name is hard to pronounce but you can just LIKE IT OR LUMP IT. She is somehow descended from a band of fearless lady pirates who scoured the coast, sexily.


derv Source: Roberto Taddeo on Flickr

Dearbhla reminds you of a teacher you had when you were 9. You fancied her then but couldn’t identify it as fancying. Now all the Dearbhlas you meet have the air of a sexy teacher, and really shiny hair.


sa Source: Giuseppe Milo

Saoirse is twinkly of eye and light of foot. She has a dusting of freckles and a great ear for a joke. She’s just like Saoirse Ronan in all the right ways, and even Ryan Seacrest and Ellen know how to pronounce her (sexy) name.


aoibh Source: Bert Kaufmann on Flickr

The loveliest of lovely girls, Aoibhinn is one of those girls still wearing bootcut jeans and pulling it off. She smells like Inis perfume and is nice to everyone who talks to her in the pub, even the pains.


gr Source: Guiseppe Milo on Flickr

Meadhbh takes absolutely no nonsense. In a sexy way. She is inifinitely more sultry than her counterpart ‘Maeve’ for some reason. She probably owns a cape.


aoife Source: friendly terrorist on flickr

Aoife is descended from the High Kings, and if she isn’t, she seems like she is. Her regality means nobody ever sits in her booked seat on the train, and she’s never been known to wait longer that 4 minutes for a drink. See? Regal.


iseu Source: Giuseppe Milo on Flickr

Iseult belongs in an Enya video. She’s probably met Enya.


cara Source: Giuseppe Milo on Flickr

Cara smells like fabric softener and has a laugh like a bubbling spring. She’d suggest going for a long afternoon walk on a first date, but it wouldn’t be awkward and sober, it would be magical and sexy.


sin Source: Guiseppe Milo on Flickr

Sinéad is the kind of woman who can ride a horse bareback without any issues and no shrieking. She is salt of the earth. Sexy. salty earth.


bnab Source: barbara walsh on flickr

Like her consonant-heavy sister Meadhbh, Sadbhb speaks in low commanding tones and could probably summon the banshee if you wronged her. You would never wrong her though, cos she’s such a ride.

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