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Suzan/Suzan/EMPICS Entertainment "I meant it when I said 'clean your room'. My hips don't lie."
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Shakira is preggers... what can her songs teach her baby about life?
It’s not the wooden spoon this kid should be afraid of, it’s Shakira’s hips.

THOSE OF YOU who have been holding out for Shakira to realise she’s desperately in love with you should probably give up the ghost.

The Colombian singer has announced she’s pregnant, meaning she’s pretty much off the market, for the time being anyway.

She’s posted on her website that she and boyfriend FC Barcelona star Gerard Piqué are expecting their first child.

What words of wisdom can Shakira’s lyrics bestow on her first born?

Tiny Baby Shakira, we at are here to help…

“Hips don’t lie” – Hips Don’t Lie

Baby Shakira, if your mother tells you to tidy your room, and says you’ll be grounded if you don’t pick up your socks, watch out for a shake of her hips, because those suckers don’t lie. You’ll be sitting in on a Saturday night with Shakira and Gerard watching Columbians Dancing on Ice before you know it. If you don’t believe us, ask Wyclef Jean.

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“Lucky that my breast are small and humble so you don’t confuse them with mountains” – Whenever, Wherever

Mountains are for climbing Baby Shakira, breasts are not. Luckily, your mother has made it clear how to distinguish between the two.

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“I will always love you baby, with eyes closed” – Something

It’s not that she can’t bear to look at you Baby Shakira, she just prefers to use her other senses to express her love. It’s nothing personal.

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“Lamps are hanging from the ceiling” – Underneath Your Clothes

Some handy home decorating tips there. Lamps are for ceilings, seats are not for feet etc etc.

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