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Can you guess what Sharknado 2 is called? Go on, guess...

You’ll never guess, in a million years.

THERE HAS BEEN much speculation about what form the second Sharknado movie will take..

Sharks in snow?

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Will it star Amanda Bynes and Randy Quaid (who – let’s be honest – is the best Quaid)?

Will the sharks be replaced by Nicolas Cage?

Or even worse, rabid sloths?

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To be honest, we’d watch all of those films, but for now all we DO know about Sharknado 2 is the name.

Hold onto your chainsaws; the genius name for the sequel is…

According to Entertainment Weekly the title was chosen via Twitter by viewers of the SyFy Channel.

We smell Oscars, we smell Golden Globes, we smell Tara Reid’s mediocre acting.

If you haven’t seen Sharknado yet, what the blazes are you waiting for? You should check out our full liveblog of the event while you’re at it.

What is Sharknado and why is everyone talking about it?

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