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Sharknado 3 was on TV last night and everyone agreed that it was brilliantly awful

Jedward even made an appearance.

sharknado Source: Twitter

YOU MIGHT BE familiar with the cult classics that are Sharknado and Sharknado 2 – the TV movies that are universally loved and hated in equal measure.

Well, the third instalment of the franchise made its debut on the Syfy UK channel last night. Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! had a very similar plot to the first two:

A monstrous tornado unleashes ravenous sharks from Washington, D.C., all the way down to Orlando.

This time, though, the sharks were featured in space, and a whole host of cameos made it just as surreal and bizarre as any of the other Sharknados.

It’s definitely the worst movie some people have ever seen

With some of the most ridiculous plot lines ever

It had Tara Reid in the lead role – and Jedward popped up half way through

Which made it for some viewers

It even looked like Jedward wrote a song for it

There were plenty of angry sharks attacking the population, with the CGI as comical as ever


It was indeed hilarious

And the puns were out in force

People were on the lookout for Katy Perry’s famous left shark

He didn’t show up. He’s a good shark.

Tara Reid’s character had a mini chainsaw arm, presumably to kill many sharks

The other lead character was called Fin – played by Ian Ziering

19f32260681a45d1b5f09520284481cf-1fb439f85c4fbf207c0f6a706700bde9 Source: Philly

Sharknado 3 will go down in history

And look, even Frankie Muniz showed up

NUP_168615_0026-665x385 Source: Inquisitr

Yes, the guy from Malcolm in the Middle

What were the final verdicts on the film, though? 3 out of 5 chainsaws

But it might have been lacking a certain something

The worst best film ever

And to make things even better, there is going to be a Sharknado 4. And viewers can vote on whether Tara Reid’s character survives:

hollywood Source: HollywoodReporter

And this is how you do it. For those that really care about Sharknado:

It had to be this way.

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