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Can you make it through this post without losing your nerves?

Aaaaaand breathe again.

SO HERE’S THE deal. Will these end in good times, or bad bad times? You’ll have to wait and see.

Your nerves–prepare to have them shot.

Let us know where you make it to in the comments…

1. We’ll start you off easily

sRmqaCq Source: Imgur

2. How will this end?

touching-spider-wall-giant-nope-1396178867e Source: Iruntheinternet

3. Will this axe hit where it’s supposed to?

UWpSqDJ Source: Imgur

4. Maaaaaam

hBiHyFO Source: Imgur

5. Noooooooo…. yaaaaaas

guy-rides-bike-over-puddle-on-cardboard Source: Awesomegifs

6. Keep on eye on the car to the left

sNrTf8N Source: Imgur


nr9N5GM Source: Imgur


Nkl3Vq3 Source: Imgur

9. This can’t end well…

uh5tXWP Source: Imgur

10. No no no no

SilverSmugBlowfish Source: Gfycat

11. What about this mess? Who will triumph?

J7Qw7Ka Source: Imgur

12. Surely not…

KaSjeZf Source: Imgur

13. Doggy is playing a risky game

VDtjP5b Source: Imgur

14. Let’s go in a bit harder with this compilation

aXbAoR6_460sa_v1 Source: D24w6bsrhbeh9d

15. Oh yeah, squeeze that wasp nest

p5yeaxs Source: Imgur

16. Ah, look at the lovely lion…

W2toJd7 Source: Imgur

17. Hey kid… that’s not how you hold that…

Source: LoganBowShootinMiller/YouTube

Well, how did you do?

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