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Here's why the 'shower beer' is the pre-drinking phenomenon you need in your life

It’s having its moment.

showerbeer Source: Urban Dictionary

THE SHOWER BEER has been around for as long as showers and beers have co-existed, but it appears to be having its breakout moment now.

Essentially, it’s the best addition to your going out routine – as you combine the relaxing nature of a shower with the cool refreshment of a beer. Not only that, but it means a shower is no longer a momentum killer to your preparation.

People have been sharing their experiences on Twitter under the #showerbeer hashtag

And there’s a Reddit community dedicated to the greatness of the shower beer

DMGpTIJ Source: Imgur

Basically, it makes beer better

And newbies are experimenting with it now

Anything goes (but best to be in a can or bottle – glasses just wouldn’t work as well)

Guinness Black Lager is very nice after work Source: Imgur

“One of the best beers you will ever have!”

It really helps when you’re in a rush

And that combination of cold beer and warm shower can’t actually be beaten

The only reason to leave is the beer is done.

#showerbeer calms all

It almost seems like showers are designed for the very purpose of a shower beer

If you haven’t tried it, it could be a revelation

It’s time.

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