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12 signs you're well and truly an adult

Congratulations! You’re officially an adult.

1. The sight of a clean sponge on the sink fills you with joy


2. You get giddy at the prospect of buying nice bed linen

And you can talk at length about how lovely Carolyn Donnelly bed covers are.

3. You don’t suffer any FOMO when people talk about going to Electric Picnic/Longitude

You: “Oh, you’re going to Electric Picnic? I’m so jealous.”

You, in your head: “I’ll stay inside with my wine/central heating, thanks very much.”

4. You occasionally fantasise about splurging on a really fancy, high-tech vacuum cleaner

So smooth, so sleek.


insta Dyson UK / YouTube Dyson UK / YouTube / YouTube

5. You prioritize being warm over looking well

Gone are the days when you left the house in December without a jacket.

You’re now that person looking wondering how every 19-year-old girl in Ireland hasn’t contracted hypothermia by now.

giphy (1) wesayso-foundation / Tumblr wesayso-foundation / Tumblr / Tumblr

6. You pay attention to the weather just to see if it’s safe to put the clothes on the line

Once that Avonmore jingle comes on, you’re like, “QUIET, EVERYONE! I NEED TO KNOW IF THERE’S GOING TO BE ANY DRYING TOMORROW.”

clotjes Flickr Flickr

7. Your spice collection rivals Nigella Lawson’s

Sure, you might rarely use cumin or paprika, but that’s beside the point.

8. You get inordinately excited about the price of petrol going down

giphy (2) montrogue / Tumblr montrogue / Tumblr / Tumblr

9. You spend your time Googling stuff like this…




10. And you have considered taking up gardening in the past few months

You haven’t quite taken it up yet, but articles like this are beginning to pique your interest…

garden Guardian Guardian

“Could I be a back garden plant conservationist? Hmm…”

11. You have tried Snapchat/Instagram and decided it “isn’t for me”

And you’re cool with that. You don’t have to be on every social network after all.

giphy (17) Fallon Tonight Fallon Tonight

12. You have sat in and watched The Late Late Show from start to finish at some stage in the last few months

Congratulations — you are officially a grown up.

Tweet by @Jacqueline Hardy Jacqueline Hardy / Twitter Jacqueline Hardy / Twitter / Twitter

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