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12 signs you grew up with Harry Potter

Game of Quidditch, anyone?

HARRY POTTER TURNED 33 on Wednesday. The boy wizard shares his big day with his creator JK Rowling who first introduced us to Potter 16 years ago.

His turn of age makes it 22 years since he received his acceptance letter to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

We feel old now.

Here are a few signs you grew up with the beloved series.

1. You queued outside Easons for at least one book release.

Yui Mok/PA Archive

2. …and then stayed up all night to read it.

Via Reddit/birkoph

3. You mispronounced Hermione as Hermyown until the movies came out.


It’s like this, in case you still don’t know:

4. You were sorted into a house on your friend’s Sorting Hat keyring and shaped your identity around it.

Via ebay


5. You waited hours for the first trailer to download over your land-line connection.

6. You broke your Nan’s sweeping brushes pretending that they were Quidditch brooms.


7. You named one of your pets after a character.


8. You memorised all of the spells from the book despite that information having no value whatsoever.


9. You dive straight into the Harry Potter rounds in pub quizzes but can’t really remember as much as you thought you knew.

10. You bought the Quidditch card game from the old Warner Brothers shop in Liffey Valley but never learnt how to play it.


11. You couldn’t wait to get your hands on these sweets when they first came out.

12. You think the movies ‘aren’t as good as the books’. But of course, you’ll always go to see them.

Via Facebook/Hogwarts House Quiz

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