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10 signs that you were once a teenage grunger

Wallet chains and skate shoes. \m/

SAY IT AIN’T SO. Blink 182, do not go.

Teen Choice Awards 2004 Source: AFF/EMPICS Entertainment

Last night, Blink 182 singer Tom DeLonge was reported to have left the pop punk band, then released a statement saying he was still a member – and then was seemingly kicked out altogether by his bandmates Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus.

Barker told Rolling Stone:

We always covered up for him before. So everyone does hella amounts of work and now Tom isn’t part of Blink 182. It’s hard to cover for someone who’s disrespectful and ungrateful.

Chances are they’re not all best pals, then.

The revelations are probably very painful to a certain subset of Irish people (formerly referred to as grungers) who held the band dear during their heyday in the 2000s. How do you know if you were a grunger? Well…

You wore jeans like this

SAM_8750 Source: Ebay

And definitely had the chains

20066poster Source: Image4world

And these shoes

DC-Shoes-Court-Graffik-300529-KWC_1 Source: Merxmarx

You probably pretended to be able to skateboard

106686113_bc180ab64b_b Source: Flickr/botheredbybees

Throwing around the words ‘olly’ and ‘kickflip’, like you even had a clue.

These albums were your Desert Island Discs

Green-Day-Dookie Source: ClassicAlbums

nirvana-nevermind-cover Source: Riffyou

allcdcoversblink182enem Source: Rockindustry

Other possibilities included The Offspring’s Smash, Sum 41′s All Killer No Filler, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge by My Chemical Romance…

You were indignant when you were told Sum 41 weren’t ‘real punk’

sum 41 04- Source: EMPICS Entertainment

You still insisted you were into punk, despite the fact that actual punk music scared the bejesus out of you.

For about one second, you thought Limp Bizkit were cool

Rollin’ was so CATCHY.

mtvICON: METALLICA Source: AFF/EMPICS Entertainment

Hey, the early ’00s were a dark time for a lot of us.

Kerrang! was the Bible

kcover2039 Source: Wordpress

“Good Charlotte: Young, Rich… Punk?”

The question on everyone’s lips back in those days.

You shocked your parents by listening to Marilyn Manson

manson marilyn 04- Source: EMPICS Entertainment

And wearing his face on t-shirts, sticking a picture of him up on your wall, watching his music videos. Just generally trying to annoy your parents with him as much as possible.

And your mortal enemy was the ‘townie’

chavskxc Source: Cybergamer

Could be broadly described as “anyone who wasn’t a grunger”. Any fraternising between the groups was basically illegal.

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