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15 signs you were a die hard Spice Girls fan

Only the best girl band of all time.

1. You picked the one Spice Girl you ‘were’, and your dedication to them was unwavering

spiceworld-bad-movie-review-e1436072044164 Source: Worstmoviesevermade

If you were Sporty Spice, you didn’t wear dresses, full stop. If you were Baby, you had pigtails every day.

2. These were your dream shoes

472c4b3de42a6c64105a657d36f7d9c4 Source: Pinterest

The state of them! But they were high fashion to you in 1997.

3. You thought the Union Jack dress was the coolest f**king thing you’d ever seen

Spice Girls Musical Source: PA Archive/PA Images

LOL at it ever being referred to as a ‘dress’. But still.

4. You made it your mission to own everything with their faces on it

f86546de4d98bc00101fbcceb802e3e4 Source: Pinterest

Calendars, body spray, those Chupa Chups lollies.

5. Even the knockoff t-shirts you could get from market stalls

162431L Source: Rustyzipper

If only you still had it now.

6. And the Barbie dolls that you might have been too old to play with

Spice_Girls_Dolls Source: Wikimedia

7. You went mad when you found out they’d shot the video for Stop in Dublin and Wicklow

spice girls stop Source: YouTube

You could have MET them. They were right THERE.

8. And would have done anything for tickets to their 1998 gigs in the Point

9.  Spice World: The Movie is a work of art to you, even today

tumblr_m8k67m1zqi1rdutw3o1_500 Source: Tumblr

Meat Loaf, Richard E Grant, Richard O’Brien, Elvis Costello, Roger Moore… So many names you wouldn’t expect to be associated with such a film, but here we are.

10. You were moderately interested in their love lives, as long as they didn’t interfere with Spice Girling

SHOWBIZ Spice Posh ring Source: John Giles/PA Wire

“You break up the Spice Girls and I will end you” – you to David Beckham, 1998.

11. And never felt more betrayed than when Geri left

Geri Halliwell/Radio 1 Source: PA Archive/PA Images

‘Friendship never ends’, Geri! Did that mean nothing to you?

12. Viva Forever/Goodbye were just about the saddest songs you could think of

viva forever Source: YouTube

13. You followed their respective solo careers with some scepticism

Though you had to admit Geri cracked out some tunes:

Source: Geri Halliwell/YouTube

And Victoria was always interesting, anyway:

Source: icecreamrecordstv/YouTube

Shouts must also go to Mel C’s duet with Bryan Adams, an unlikely banger.

14. And completely got your life during their reunion performance at the 2012 Olympics

London Olympic Games - Day 16 Source: PA Archive/PA Images

On top of the black cabs. Are you able.

15. Even now, the laugh at the start of Wannabe sparks something in you

Source: emimusic/YouTube


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