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9 unmistakable signs that you are the Grinch

Christmas cheer? Never heard of it.

WE ALL KNOW AT least one person who, as soon as December rolls around, transforms from a perfectly reasonable person into a glowering Grinch. But what if that’s you?

So you mightn’t be green and furry, but there’s still plenty of evidence that you’re a Christmas spirit vacuum.

1. You started moaning about Christmas in November

tumblr_mx73xeSuhP1soalt8o2_500 Source: Tumblr

The first Christmas ad you saw, you were griping. “NOT THIS CRAP AGAIN.”

2. You’ve called it a “commercialised capitalist holiday” about 100 times since then

christmascard The only Christmas card you will accept. Source: Scribbler

A little ray of sunshine, that’s what you are.

3. You refused to shop in places that have Christmas decorations/music before December

*goes in* *hears Deck the Halls* *goes out*

cLquU3d Source: Imgur

4. You adopt a sour puss every time someone sings a carol or wears a festive jumper

6bdda-gcm5 Source: Caterville

Wave that tinsel in my face again. Just try it.

5. You often dream of ‘getting away’ some Christmas

shutterstock_115146025 Source: Shutterstock

To the Caribbean. Or Japan. Far away.

6. Frost and snow just makes you feel cold, not festive

giphy Source: Giphy

How could anyone enjoy this?

7. You sleep until noon on Christmas morning

tumblr_ma1q741wkj1ru1wbho1_500 Source: Tumblr

Why should it be different to any other morning off? Hmm?

8. You prefer Ebeneezer Scrooge at the start of A Christmas Carol

Scrooge Source: Wikia

Prickly, grouchy, devoid of cheer. Just like you.

9. And when it’s all over, you perk up considerably

No more fairy lights! No more tinsel! No more Christmas!

tumblr_inline_neibuwIjVe1rtpcz9 Source: Tumblr

This video proves that cats and Christmas trees will be mortal enemies forever>

Are You A Christmas Sap?>

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