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Sinead O'Connor was on South Park last night*

*Well, a cartoon caricature of Sinead O’Connor. Obviously.

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IRELAND’S VERY OWN Sinead O’Connor made an appearance on South Park last night. Well, a version of her did.

The caricature – sporting face tattoos and (let’s face it) a very dodgy Irish accent – appeared as part of a musical segment, asking women not to “show their strange on TV”.

(In case you’ve been away: this relates to the excellent open letter O’Connor wrote to Miley Cyrus, appealing to her to “refuse to exploit your body or your sexuality”.)

Cartoon O’Connor can then be heard crooning “I’m looking for a boyfriend”, a reference to her 2011 search for a “sweet, sex-starved man” via her website.

It’s fair to say that her voice is better in real life.

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