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Siri is being super sassy with people who ask her about Santa Claus
Well-played, Siri.

AS CHRISTMAS APPROACHES, several people have taken it upon themselves to ask Apple’s Siri questions about Santa Claus.

The voice-powered virtual assistant is being remarkably coy and sassy in her responses.

Here she is being deliberately vague.

How old, Siri?

Tweet by @bazza clarke bazza clarke / Twitter bazza clarke / Twitter / Twitter

Everyone knows that Santa Claus summers in St. Tropez.

Here she is telling it as it is.

Stop being so evasive, Siri!

Oh, just Siri dispensing some good advice.

Here she is watching out for you and having your back.

And here she presents concrete evidence that Santa Claus is real.

Can’t argue with that.

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