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8 interesting beauty and skincare products that you didn't know you needed

Baking soda cleansers?

THERE’S AN ENDLESS selection of skincare products out there. More than any one person can ever try.

Have you ever seen how many products Caroline Hirons has? As much as we would all like to, it’s highly unrealistic to try and accumulate all of those skin care products.

Especially when there are so many versions of essentially the same product. So here are a few new product ideas for anyone who tends to just buy multiple variations of the same products over and over.

1. Rinseless Cleansers

Capture Sephora Sephora

These are handy for festivals or any of those occasions when you are too tired to take off your makeup. There’s no excuse not to wash your face now that you can do it from the comfort of your own bed.

Boscia Sake Cleansing Water is a little bit pricey, going for around €40 on Amazon, but it’s highly recommended. It contains glycolic acid and rice powder to gently exfoliate your skin, so even if you’re being lazy it feels like you’re going that extra mile.

PastedImage-48835 Amazon Amazon

If you’re looking for a cheaper solution, Desert Essence’s tea tree oil facial cleansing pads can quickly make your face feel extremely fresh. For anyone with acne who finds themselves too exhausted to wash their face once in a while before bed, these are extremely handy. They retail at €12 for two packs on Amazon, but Boots do their own version for €7.

Some reviewers recommend bringing these to work if you’re prone to getting oily skin throughout the day (once you’re not wearing makeup, of course), because they loved how refreshed their faces felt after using them.

 2. Lanolips

lanolips Boots Boots

OK you may have heard of this one. This is the ultimate multipurpose lipbalm. Made of Lanolin, which is a substance found on the wool of sheep that keeps their coat protected and dry. Lanolin mimics human skin lipids, and can hold 400% of its weight in moisture. Despite the fact that it’s found on wool, the 100% natural product is animal cruelty free.

It’s €15 in Boots but it’s well worth it. A lot of other lipbalms in that price range can be very greasy and heavy enough to make you constantly aware of the fact that you are wearing lipbalm, but this one is different. Plus, any excess can be used on your hands and it not only soothes nappy rash but is highly recommended by women who are breastfeeding.

3. Cleansing powders

PastedImage-16531 boots boots

These are genius for anyone who travels often as you can take them in your carry on luggage and you get to feel like a little scientist doing an experiment when you’re mixing them up.

On top of all that, they’re really good for exfoliating and deep cleansing at night time too. Unfortunately, they aren’t really suitable for anyone with conditions like rosacea or eczema.

Boots have them starting at just over a tenner. The Bioré Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub is popular with people who have oily and acne prone skin and because you add the water, you control the consistency.

PastedImage-29591 Bobbi Brown Bobbi Brown

Of course there are more expensive ones, including Bobbi Brown’s €40 version and  Tatcha’s gold standard €60 version, as well as ones at every price point in between.

4. Latex nail barriers

PastedImage-79871 Amazon Amazon

A bit less fiddly than putting sellotape around the sides of your nails, nail barrier products like Bliss Kiss are extremely satisfying to peel off if nothing else. But in all seriousness, they really do help you do a neater job.

Bliss Kiss / YouTube

5. Pre-shampoo oil

download Boots Boots

The stuff that shampoos contains that actually cleans your hair, can often leave your hair too clean. These surfactants not only wash out the dirt and oil from your hair but also the Sebum that naturally moisturizes hair.

Sebum also protects our hair from swelling up when it gets wet, which can cause hair to become weak, dry and prone to breaking. By using pre-shampoo oil treatments, the extra oil you add in this process can reduce the amount of water that your hair soaks up while washing it.

download (1) Boots Boots

The amount of oil needed to successfully do this varies by person and requires a bit of experimenting, but there are plenty of oils to choose from to help you do this. Lots of people use coconut oil, but Refinery29 have this handy slideshow that recommends a pre-shampoo according to your needs, whether it’s coloured hair, ageing hair, dull or frizzy hair, they seem to have everything covered.

The only catch is that you need to make sure that your shampoo is sulfate free, or else this isn’t really worth it.

 6. Konjac sponges

download (2) Boots Boots

These sponges are made of Japanese potatoes and are a nice alternative to washcloths. For €10 in Boots, they can be used for daily cleansing, exfoliation and makeup removal. They dry up completely between uses which means that bacteria struggle to survive on them the same way they can on damp cloths.

7. Indian Healing Clay

PastedImage-59686 Amazon Amazon

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is a face mask that comes in powder form. A pound of it costs about €12 on Amazon and the fact that it comes in powder form means that it lasts for a very, very long time.

People swear by this, and it makes your face extremely soft. Here’s a video that explains how to use it. You mix it with apple cider vinegar and you can add a few drops of tea tree, rose water or anything else you feel like experimenting with.

Samantha Jane / YouTube

8. A hand cream winding cream

PastedImage-44029 The Body Shop The Body Shop

This one looks weird, but it’s actually an extremely handy way of getting the most out of any products that are in tubes. Toothpaste, hand creams, aluminium tubes. You name it. Squeezing that extra bit out of your products not only saves you a bit of money but also cuts down on waste.

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