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SCA Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget via Flickr If you're willing to share your taste in music, Skoda wants to set you up on a date - while test-driving one of their cars.
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Skoda latest's test drive: bizarre matchmaking service puts a date in your car
Skoda’s new initiative will match your taste in music with that of a potential partner, then invite you on a test drive.

CAR MANUFACTURER SKODA has launched a test drive with a difference – announcing an initiative that will arrange dates for people while they test-drive a Skoda motor.

‘The Family Composer’ will ask user to share their taste in music through Facebook or music streaming service Spotify, and then use this data to find a romantic partner with the same taste on music.

Skoda will then arrange for the two of you to meet – at a Skoda dealership, where you can get to know each other while taking a test drive of one of the manufacturer’s various models.

The idea is that the couple will get to know each other to a soundtrack that both will find enjoyable – and hopefully associate the Skoda with an enjoyable social experience.

The initiative is currently only available in Sweden – meaning there’s no luck just yet for anyone in Ireland hoping to try out a new car while availing of a matchmaking service at the same time.

Mashable notes that if you’re keen to meet someone based on their taste in music, without being in the market for a new motor, you can try – an online dating service which offers potential matches based on your listening habits from

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