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10 exceptionally questionable bits of 'Irish slang' found online
This is how we talk, apparently.

THERE ARE MANY, many websites dedicated to the cataloguing of Ireland’s weird and wonderful slang terms.

One of these is, which anyone can contribute to – and what they have contributed is very strange indeed. So strange, in fact, that many are questioning whether they even exist.

Here are a few of the weirdest examples of typical ‘Irish insults’ from the website.


joyrider Wikimedia Wikimedia

Oh, yeah, this is definitely a thing. Definitely.



Or we could not…


wellington Wikimedia Wikimedia



bealin Shutterstock Shutterstock

Extremely disgusting, stinking.

This is in fact Scottish slang, meaning ‘very angry’. So nope, not Irish.


crabbit Wikimedia Wikimedia

Again, ‘crabbit’ is Scottish slang. C’mon now.


faced Shutterstock Shutterstock

Have sexual relations as in “Did ya face ‘er”.

We Irish have quite a few slang terms for sexual intercourse, but we’re pretty sure this isn’t one of them.


goat2 Wikimedia Wikimedia

You could call an ugly person a ‘goat’ if you wanted, but it’s probably not Irish slang. Just saying.


nancywithers Wikimedia Wikimedia

Nancy Withers is a singer, apparently you could wait for a long time until something happens. This is a Sion Mills, Co Tyrone saying.

Er… Would anyone from Sion Mills care to back this up (and tell us who Nancy Withers is while you’re at it)?


batsies Wikimedia Wikimedia

There is no evidence of this being used anywhere else. At all. What is a Batsies skip?!


bisto Wikimedia Wikimedia

Said when you have just let off a smelly fart.

Now you’re having us on.

H/T Reddit Ireland

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