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13 Irish slang words we need the world to know about

Get familiar.

FORGET LEARNING A cupla focal, these are the words you need to know before coming to Ireland.

1. Gowl

An annoying person. You will most likely come across many a gowl on public transport, so this will be handy to have. Ye GOW-EL ye!


2. Beour

A fine looking woman. Useful when you find yourself in a shitty local nightclub, single, and the national anthem playing.

3. Ride

Perhaps the one that causes the most confusion. Ride in Ireland DOES NOT mean sitting in a car, or hopping up on a pony. It means hopping up on a person, or that you think they are attractive enough to be hopped up on.

It means sex. SEX.


4. Geebag

A not-so-nice person. Basically, a bag of ladies genitals. Pleasant. It can also be used to describe something that’s not ideal.

5. Whisht

Shut the hell up. Prepare to use this in the cinema, on the bus, basically everywhere you encounter people.


6. Banjaxed

Broken, in bits. Bob the Builder, can he fix it? No, it’s banjaxed.


7. Scarlet

Embarrassed, going red, mortified over something. Most commonly used in a sentence, scarlet for YOU.


8. Mank

Insufferably gross. You can use this to describe food, the state of something, or maybe an item of clothing your ex’s new partner is proudly showing off.

200 Source: Giphy

9. Gobshite

A gobby shite, aka a bit of a thick. Alternate this with gowl and geebag and you’re sure to make friends.

Source: Gazza11123/YouTube

10. Jar

If someone asks if you’re heading for a jar, don’t be confused. A jar simply means a beer, and a = at least six.

Half-finished Half-pints Source: Wootang01

11. Eejit

Usually prefaced with feckin, an eejit is one of the most exasperated of idiots. Like, the kind of idiot that you just can’t even bring yourself to insult anymore.

image20160201-28273-1ukyl5t Source: Urban Dictionary

12. Savage

In the States, he’s a rapper. Here, it means something excellent. Like Savage the rapper, he is probably a savage musician.


Swing_Remix_-_Savage_feat._Soulja_Boy Source: Wikimedia

13. Dose

No, Illinois. You can’t call your market dose. It means a headwrecker. Unless this is a market full of headwreckers, then, continue.

20110428_dose_560x372 Source: Grubstreet

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