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The 'Sloppy Foley' is the Cork chipper delicacy that the rest of Ireland needs

Chippers of Ireland, please put the Sloppy Foley on your menus.

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MOVE OVER, SPICE bags. Get the hell outta here, munchy boxes.

“Sloppy Foleys” are the new fast food innovation you need to know about.

Hang on a second. What is a Sloppy Foley?

Hard at work making #sloppyfoleys Source: sloppyfoley

It’s taco, chips and cheese in a wrap. It’s the definition of soft beige goodness. It’s the drunk food of your dreams.

And it’s a Cork institution.

Sounds… strangely delicious. Where can I get them?


You can only get them in Murphy’s Chipper in Cork.

The chipper — one of the most beloved in the city — has become kind of famous for the Sloppy Foley over the years.

That’s all well and good, but is it any use?

If these rabid tweets are anything to go by, then we’re going to say yes.

Although they are admittedly quite messy and have a tendency to “spunk” on you.

In short, it needs to come to the rest of Ireland.

Chippers of Ireland — please follow in Murphy’s footsteps and add this to your

Our drunk mouths need it.

So next time you’re in Cork, you know what to do…

Just don’t get the name wrong.

The New York Times has JUST discovered what a sausage roll is >

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