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10 little things life in Ireland would be better off without

Just little things. Annoying little things.

OK, SO LIFE IN IRELAND isn’t perfect.

But we think it might improve slightly if these 10 minor annoyances simply disappeared.

Uneven rounds

satc-cosmo Source: Wordpress

A craft cider, a gin and tonic, and a fancy cocktail, is it? HMM.

Bus ticket receipts

“I’ll definitely collect that 20c change, someday,” you say. You won’t. YOU WON’T.

ATMs that run out of €20s

atms Source: Flickr/infomatique

Take out €50? How dare you even ask.

Badly made chicken fillet rolls

filletroll3-630x472 Source: Flickr/stevendamron

“Let me just pick this up and eat it… Oh! There goes all my chicken.”

Flimsy plastic bags

roflbot (15) Source: Geograph.ie

If we’re paying 22c for them, they need to be industrial strength.

Getting stuck behind a tractor

6065814822_a9a54be713_b Source: Flickr/peterm7

Imagine, a life (almost) without rage.

Slurry smell



We’re sorry slurry, we know you can’t help it. But wouldn’t it be amazing if the smell was just…gone?

Bus Eireann Wifi

Dangle it in front of our faces, then snatch it away, why don’t you.

Hard butter

hardbutter Source: Tumblr

Shredded toast could be a thing of the past.

“Unexpected item in the bagging area”

self service till Source: Flickr/I See Modern Britain

Just get out.

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