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11 smells which are meant to be gross but which you actually love

Yes, yes, your own ‘brand’ is in there.

This piece was inspired by this thread on Reddit.

YOUR SENSE OF smell is a powerful thing. At any given moment, a whiff of something can make you happy, hungry, disgusted or indeed take you back to a specific time in your life.

However, the reaction you have to one smell is frequently difference to someone else’s, and as a result there are lots of smells which are meant to be gross but which many people love.  (And by love, we mean enjoy their scent when they come into contact with them in their everyday lives, not intentionally seeking them out and inhaling them which is obviously very dangerous and inadvisable.)

We’re talking about smells like these.

Permanent markers

Permanent-Marker_34538-480x360 Source: Public Domain Photos

Don’t lie, you’ve enjoyed the scent of one of these bad boys at some point, haven’t you?


Vintage Petrol Cans Source: Chris_Parfitt

Perhaps it’s the memory of road-tripping with your family and stopping at a petrol station, or maybe it’s just the magic of being in a car, but one thing’s for sure, lots of people are mad about this scent.

The smell of your partner

TLV nightclub in Tel Aviv Israel 1 Source: david_shankbone

We talk about body odour like it’s a bad thing, and in many cases it is.  No one really wants to smell a stranger, for example.  However, when it’s the musk of your partner?  It ain’t so bad.

Some people adore it!

The smell of garlic on your fingers

Chopped Garlic Source: qnsagetyrtle

It’s virtually impossible to get rid of the smell of garlic and onions from your fingers once it’s there.  There are lots of tips around but it’s difficult.

Fortunately, lots of people secretly enjoy this smell.  Keep this in mind next time you see a colleague sniffing their fingers at their desk. It might be totally innocent.


FARTS! Source: the.barb

No words necessary here.


Young girl in a swimming pool Source: hypotekyfidler.cz

It’s not exactly a nice smell, but if you loved heading to the swimming pool as a kid this one might be on your list of loves.


steaming Source: frankh

Something about the smell of fresh tarmacadam delights some people.  And that’s without even mentioning how great it feels to walk on it when it’s still slightly squashy.

Nail Varnish

Polished Source: jronaldlee

There are those who would forbid you from opening a bottle of nail varnish in their presence, and there are those who would love it. To each his own.


Cow Manure Source: barbourians

It shouldn’t smell nice, but to countless people whom it reminds of homes, this is a delicious scent.

New tires

Tires.... Source: m00by

There’s just something about rubber…

Low tide

Low Tide, Spiddal Source: camillaskye

Seaweed, sea salt and whatever else comprises this unique smell.  If you like it, you’re lucky.

What other smells do you find delicious which are generally considered to be unpleasant?

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