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The 19 unmistakable smells of an Irish childhood

Each fragrant, in their own way.

modelling clay

1. Mála/marla (whichever way you spelled it)

2. A schoolbag that was recently the site of a Petit Filous explosion

3. The inescapable musk of silage

4. Vicks Vapo Rub

There's some days you just have to go back to your childhood! #petitfilous #childhood #bigkid #instafood Source: jason_66

5. A fresh new pencil case on the first day back at school

6. Hubba Bubba gum

7. The incense at Mass

8. Bonjela

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9. Piss the beds (that time you decided to see what the fuss was all about)

10. That poor unfortunate who always had egg sandwiches

11. Head lice shampoo

12. The ‘dinner smell’ of spuds and boiling veg at friends’ houses

I'll be smelling like 14 year old Tant thanks to @splainy77 Source: lucytant

13. Gone-off, squashed banana

14. Charlie Red

15. Or Joop!

16. The grassy/mucky smell of the changing rooms after a rainy PE lesson

Who needs filters anyway Source: Instagram

17. Gorse bushes

18. Turf

19. And cigarette smoke, inside a pub

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