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The 9 unmistakeable smells of an Irish summer

Summer has its own kind of stink.

1. Sun cream

malibusuncream Source: SheSaidBeauty

Specifically the coconut scent of cheapo Malibu sun cream, perfect for sizzling yourself in the elusive Irish sun.

2. The stink of festival toilets

Electric Picnic Music festivals A woman queues outside the long drop at Electric Picnic, 2009 Source: Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland

From portaloos to the dreaded long drop, there is no hiding from that stench. Distressing.

3. Freshly cut grass

lawnmower Source: Flickr/Ian Burt

Sun’s out? Lawnmowers’ out. Enjoyment of this particular scent entirely depends on if you have hayfever or not.

4. Sun-warmed bins

smellybins Source: flickr/Ian Britton

That slightly sweet, wholly awful stench of hot rubbish. TAKE IT AWAY.

5. Cheap cider

Druids-Premium-Celtic-Cider-CanPack-4_x_500ml Source: Centra

This comes wafting from most every public area during a sunny spell.

6. Clean sheets after getting a good drying on the line

gooddrying Source: Flickr/Jim Champion

Summer fresh.

7. Musty tent

stinkytent Source: Flickr/el Neato

Hasn’t been used in a while, but you’re breaking it out this year for a music festival/camping holiday.

You will regret this when you and everything you own smell of dried muck and sweaty feet.

8. Burning barbecue

40665102_179f3e8312_b Source: Flickr/Joshua Bousel

Specifically burning, due to our penchant for well done meat. Ooooo, flamey.

9. Rain

4857703097_947379b17b_b Source: Flickr/Erwin Schoonderwaldt

Ah yes. The unmistakable smell of rainfall is probably the Ultimate Irish Summer Smell – luckily it’s also rather pleasant.

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