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What is the smokestack hairstyle and why is everyone going on about it?

All is explained.

smokestack5 Source: YouTube

WE’VE HAD THE opel hair trend already this year, and now the next stage of that development looks set to sweep its way into every salon that’s ever set up an Instagram account.

Introducing ‘the smokestack’.

It combines grey and purple shades that gradually go from light to dark as it moves back – looking something like this:

smokestack7 Source: YouTube

It’s making some headlines this week

smokestack6 Source: Look

As Look reports, the smokestack works best on lighter hair:

Altogether it creates a smoky colour effect which gradually shimmers with movement.

Cosmo has also reported it as the go-to trend of the season. And they present a convincing case too. Apparently, the smokestack:

creates richer jewel-tones and when added to pastels, the colors morph into smokey, antique shades


the technique layers panels of color beginning at the nape of the neck to your hairline from darkest to lightest. The result? A multidimensional variation of colors that blend into a beautiful smoke show. ​

Hair colourists Pravana has put together a smokestack tutorial to show how it’s pulled together

smokestackhair Source: YouTube

It has a casual 13 steps of dying involved in it

smokestackhair2 Source: YouTube

As you can see, the layers get darker as they go

smokestackhair3 Source: YouTube

Culminating with the final look. Here’s the before and after

smokestack5 Source: YouTube

So now. See for yourself:

Source: PRAVANA/YouTube

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