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The 8 types of smug tweets from House of Cards binge-watchers

They’re finished it already, and they want you to know about it.

HAVE YOU FOUND the time to binge-watch House of Cards this weekend? Good for you!

hoc2crop Source: Netflix

These people have spent one quarter of the last two days going ninety at it, and now they’re tweeting knowingly about ‘impressive foreshadowing’ and jaws being ‘on the floor’.

Prepare to see a lot of these in your timeline today. (Absolutely no spoilers, we’re nice.)

1. The ‘Beautifully Crafted Plot’ tweet

2. The ‘Sneak In The Smug’ tweet

3. The ‘What’s Wrong With The Rest of You?’ tweet

4. The ‘Faux Disgust’ tweet


5. The ‘Graciously Refraining From Spoiling You’ tweet

Oh, you’re very kind.

6. The ‘Heavy Hint About The Last Scene’ Tweet

7. The ‘What Year Is It?’ Tweet

8. The ‘Can’t Believe We Have To Wait’ Tweet

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