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13 songs from the 90s that are smuttier than you remember

What a dirty, dirty decade.

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SOMETIMES YOU HEAR a song for the first time in awhile and remember how much you love it.

And sometimes you hear it for the first time in awhile and realise that is actually filthy.

There are plenty of pop songs that were huge in the 1990s that are in fact really, really suggestive.

Either you didn’t get it at the time or you didn’t really get the extent but these are the hits that will remind you just how raunchy a decade it was.

1. Another Level – Freak Me

They were the late 90s boyband who were far more grown up than your Take Thats and your Boyzones that for sure.

Their 1998 hit Freak Me was actually a cover of a tune by American group Silk but both versions are basically filth.

This is one of those songs you dimly knew was filthy when you were younger but you hear now and go:

Via RealityTVGifs

AnotherLevelVevo / YouTube

2. Color Me Badd – I Wanna Sex You Up

There’s something deceptive about how catchy and light this song seems to be.

But then you realise that you are happily singing the lines “I Wanna Sex You Up” to yourself.

NonnaKosten / YouTube

3. Atomic Kitten – Right Now

Oh you might think they were kid friendly and silly but Atomic Kitten were clearly happy to be a little bit coarse.

Before Whole Again turned them into a pop behemoth (and Kerry left the group) one of their early hits was the chirpy cheese pop of Right Now.

It all seems very fluffy until that refrain with the girls begging someone to “do it to me good, do it like you should” etc.

emimusic / YouTube

4. Spice Girls – 2 Become 1

Again, you might think that this 90s girlband sensation were just kid friendly and fluffy at all times.

But one of their biggest hits, the tender ballad 2 Become 1 is all about having sex.

In fact it’s about safe sex as they mention at the start of this interview

melaniecbase / YouTube

Bet you’re hearing it in a different light now:

emimusic / Spice Girls

5.  Salt ‘ N ‘ Pepa – Let’s Talk About Sex

It’s not that this is particularly raunchy as it is impressive for how honest it aims to be about sex.

The kind of hang up free approach of this tune wouldn’t go amiss today.

Bicht Hunter / YouTube

6. R. Kelly – Bump N’ Grind

Someone who doesn’t need the permission to talk about sex is R.Kelly whose sex song collection is vaster than you could ever imagine.

One of his earliest hits Bump N’Grind will probably remind you of listening to the radio as a kid and then make you see that you had no idea how freaky R. Kelly was back in the day:

RKellyVevo / YouTube

7.  Christina Aguilera – Genie In A Bottle

All this talk of rubbing the right way and hormones racing at the speed of light, this is 90s saucy teen pop at its zenith.

CAguileraVevo / YouTube

8.  Mousse T – Horny

Teaching a generation of youths what “horny” meant.

diestro123 / YouTube

9. Ginuwine – Pony

As far as 90s R&B hits that were fairly naughty go this probably takes the cake.

GinuwineVevo / YouTube

It’s had a bit of a revival since Channing Tatum reminded us how suggestive it really was in Magic Mike

techstepdoll / YouTube

And current sauce-pop monger Rihanna has used it for a recent track too

morganJLdance / YouTube

10. Prince & The New Power Generation – Get Off

When Prince picked up a new band in The New Power Generation they lead with this single which has both aged really well and also feels like a highly suggestive hit from a man never afraid to shock.

Mind you watching this video now you’d be surprised just how raunchy Prince managed to be in the early 90s.

TheSidAD / YouTube

11. Next – Too Close

This is literally a song about guys having such boners from dancing with girls that they just can’t cope.

Seriously. You may know the original or the slightly less saucy cover that Blue did in 2001.

Either way as hit songs go, this is particularly lecherous.

NextVevo / YouTube

12. Madonna – Hanky Panky

The 90s saw Madonna’s infamous Sex book and Erotica album scandalise the press and parents worldwide.

But before that rather obvious display of sexual freedom she scored a hit with Hanky Panky a swing pop pastiche about spanking.

Before Rihanna was casually crooning about S&M Madonna was happily discussing getting her bottom spanked.

This performance sums up how ridiculous yet naughty the whole thing was.

Particularly the line “Dick, that’s an interesting name. Ooh, My bottom hurts just thinking about it.”

Ah here.

tobevuittonciconne / YouTube

13. TLC – Red Light Special

TLC were always brazen in their depiction of relationships and their own sexuality but Red Light Special takes the (sexy) biscuit.

With a video where the girls are having their way with male prostitutes and gleefully outlining a night of lovemaking, it’s funny to think how sexed up this 1994 pop hit was.


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