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So what's the deal with these new emojis on Snapchat?

The latest update has changed the game somewhat.

THE LATEST UPDATE of photo sharing app Snapchat has sent teenagers into a frenzy, but what’s it all about exactly?

The main thing users have noticed is that the ‘Best Friends’ section has been replaced with a rather complicated new code of emojis, which pop up beside names in your contacts list.

Here’s the code broken down:

So for example, if someone on your contacts list has ’4 Fire Smile’ beside their name, it means that you two are best Snap friends and you have a four-day streak of snapping each other. These emojis are totally private, so only you can see who you’re closest to.

Snapchat have attempted to elucidate the matter further with this Beyoncé collage:

Snapchat-emoji Source: Snapchat

Look, just go with it, OK?

According to TechCrunch, other updates include:

  • A low light camera function (with a button shaped like a crescent moon) which allows you to take better pictures in low light;
  • And a ‘Needs Love’ section under your list of recent contacts, which is full of people you used to snap loads, but no longer snap any more.

The updates (especially that pretty revealing ‘smirk’ emoji) are already calling relationships into question:

Really makes you miss simpler Snapchat times, doesn’t it?

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