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9 dodgy Snapchats that everyone sends, but probably shouldn't

RIP to all the deleted Drunk Snapchats of the world :’(

THE PHOTO SHARING app Snapchat has encouraged people to be a lot more open about their lives. Perhaps a bit too open.

We wouldn’t do these things on any other app, but on Snapchat, all decorum seems to fall out the window.

The gym mirror Snapchat

gunz Wordpress Wordpress

Something just comes over people in the gym. One minute, they’re minding their own business on the elliptical.

The next, they’re posing in front of the mirror and informing all their Snapchat followers that it was “leg day”. Cheers for that.

The public transport Snapchat

Everyone on the 16 saw you making this face to send to your friend:

enhanced-buzz-9712-1374698834-6 Buzzfeed Buzzfeed


The sneaky ‘I look GREAT’ Snapchat

tumblr_n7lr75zNcp1tporveo1_1280 Tumblr Tumblr

This snap appears to be about something else – maybe your drink or your dog or the pub you’re in.

Really though, it’s about how fantastic your boobs look in that dress. Or how buff your arms are after all those gym snaps. We’re on to you.

The decades-long Snapchat story

Tip: People generally lose interest after 30 seconds.

The ‘Admire my holiday/new clothes/new car’ Snapchats

tumblr_n7rfr2m3l21sj31j4o1_1280 Tumblr Tumblr

Smugness has a home on Snapchat.

“Oh NBD, just chilling in Barbados. How’s boring old Ireland? Sunny? DIDN’T THINK SO.”

The ‘I’M AT A GIG’ Snapchat video

Flashing lights streaking across the screen. Backs of heads, and somewhere, the muffled sound of the band. Consider that unique ambiance captured!

The ‘covert’ Snapchat

There’s no way to discreetly snap that man behind you with the shin-length dreadlocks, but you’re going to do it anyway.

The toilet Snapchat

snapchattoilet BlazePress BlazePress

Welcome to 2015, where people take Snapchats of themselves sitting on the toilet and send them to their friends.

And the drunk Snapchat(s)

Snap EVERYONE. Snap EVERYTHING. Delete it all in the morning.

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