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13 gifs that will make you say... 'woah'


PREPARE TO HAVE your mind implode.

All pics and gifs via the excellent Woahdude subbreddit.

1. This visualisation of a single thought

0eZe3RK Source: Imgur

2. This magnetic mayhem

SQXB06O Source: Imgur

3. An artichoke blooming

jm0OKQM Source: Imgur

4. A pavement that absorbs water

BAvHHiR Source: Imgur

5. This helicopter that can open bottles

vD75GQz Source: Imgur

6. A ladder in the sky

lFAVi4f Source: Imgur

7. Snakes moving between different widths

4BXAk3F Source: Imgur

8. This weird jigsaw

u0KIAn4 Source: Imgur

9. This guy making tea

4DuANg7 Source: Imgur

10. This SERIOUS zoom

OblongFavoriteGiraffe Source: Gfycat

11. The exact moment a volcano goes off

uG4zkI4 Source: Imgur

12. Extreme ziplining

BlankPointedAnkolewatusi Source: Gfycat


HgDOJDy Source: Imgur

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