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Dad moves messy daughter's bedroom to the driveway to teach her a lesson

He just wanted to give the bed a good airing.

WELL, THAT’S ONE way of getting your kid to clean up their bedroom.

A soldier from Ludowici, Georgia was so tired of arguing with his young daughter about her messy room that he decided to transport the whole thing to the family’s driveway. After Haley ignored warnings that there would be consequences if she didn’t keep things tidy, her dad sprung into action.

While his disorganised daughter was at school, the soldier moved her bed, desk, chair, bookshelf and other random belongings out in the drive for all to see.

messyrrom2 Source: 11Alive

If that wasn’t morto enough, he wrote on a big piece of wood to fill the neighbours in on his darling little slob’s lustre cleaning habits. The sign reads

Haley, room moved to driveway. Clean it next time.

Yeah, well, that’s kind of obvious Dad.


The father later admitted to WSAV that his reaction was a bit extreme and declined to be identified.

To call it quits, he hired a painter to give his honour-roll student a new paint job on the room, in an effort to inspire her to keep it tidy.

Listen, if this hasn’t done it, nothing will.

messyroom2 Go to your driveway, NOW. Source: 11Alive

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