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10 rare and beautiful food miracles

Solid chocolate KitKat *dies*


We know, because we’ve seen them.

Getting an extra-long Hula Hoop

TjknOya Source: Imgur

Hey now, hey nooo-ow, this is what dreeeaaaams are made of…

Or one massive crisp

YYIH9Y6 Source: Imgur

The size of an actual potato. GIMME.

Discovering a double-peanut M&M


An especially flavourful Pringle

Tequisha needs to settle down and accept this beauty into her life.

Finding an all-chocolate KitKat

odM1KEi Source: Imgur

An actual miracle.

And even better, a solid chocolate Purple Snack

Yes, we know that if we wanted just chocolate we could buy a bar of Dairy Milk. But STILL!

Siamese gummy bears

Delicious little pals.

Those especially spicy Monster Munch

temporary-1113 Source: totoeatstheworld.blogspot.com

C’mere to me.

A delectable clump of Doritos/Wotsits cheese

And this

A double layer Kinder Egg. We need a minute to recover from this.

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