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9 Solpadeine chemist tales we can all relate to

precious solps

Fizz Source: final gather

SOLPADEINE IS A a tough nut to crack when it comes to buying over the counter in Ireland.

The painkiller contains codeine and has the potential to be addictive, leading to its distribution at the discretion of conscientious and dubious pharmacists.

What about the times when period pain is threatening to split you in two? When that hangover might finally be the end of you? When the sore throat of doom leaves you feebly whimpering? When only the precious plink plink of the Solps will get you through the day?

We can all relate…

When you’re not even going to bother with an excuse

Wenn jemand braucht, ich hab hier noch @maeson2k @fabimoe @pmanderfeld #tagdanach #solpadeine Source: katieuk87

When you’ll try ANY excuse

When you drop the truth bomb

When you get the triannual inquisition

When the experience requires poetic documenting

solpadeine Source: gerard farnham

When it leaves you flustered. Wine flustered!

When they’re actually taunting you

40+°c outside and the a/c is at #2??? Come on! #buttomsup #headache #blue for @yukreyn #green for me Source: iamolivegreen

When you get away with it, like a boss

Sorry lads – but there’s actually no cure for a hangover

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