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11 ingenious solutions to your first world lunch problems
WHY aren’t these things standard practice?

EATING IS SO hard. It’s like some obstacles are purposely put there to stop us enjoying it.

But worry not. Have a problem? Somebody out there has found a solution.

1. Problem: Your organic cream-cheese and onion bagel gets squished in your bag

348s Yelp Yelp

Solution: Nick an old CD-ROM stack from the office supplies and enjoy plump doughy carbs all year round

d0Lti Imgur Imgur

2. You aren’t sure when enough pizza is enough



Solution: Allow this ingenious paper plate to be your guiding light.

pnZ9AQ1 Imgur Imgur

3. You’re on the Special K diet but your flakes go soggy in the milk before you can finish

tumblr_n2dd5bliQZ1rfwfq9o1_1280 Unpopular Opinions Unpopular Opinions

Solution: Double bowl that rice and wheat. Can also apply to biscuit dilemmas.

doublebowl Imgur Imgur

4. You bought too much fast food to carry and the bags have NO HANDLES and spill all the chips

mcd_bag PerezFox PerezFox

Solution: This piece of cardboard that deserves a Nobel peace prize for serving its purpose in life and so much more.

2KFQtGl Imgur Imgur

5. You get up from your seat for FIVE minutes in the canteen or kitchen and some absolute vulture attacks


Solution: Leave a mess, without leaving a mess. Being known as the office pig is better than having to bring your lunch elsewhere.

ilWVQ Imgur Imgur

6. You have to eat at your keyboard and it’s now an abomination. A food graveyard. A place where hope and hygiene go to die

dirty_keyboard1-500x375 Cleanusa Cleanusa

Solution: A keyboard NAPKIN of course. Take our money, all of it.

The-Keyboard-Napkin_2 Techdigest Techdigest

7. You got a big pizza but you have to keep that box upright and it’s ridiculously awkward

MHjadRR Zigloof Zigloof

Solution: Campaign for every single pizza place in Ireland to supply these.

The bags we got from a pizza shop are missing their corners (rather ingenuous really) - Imgur Imgur Imgur

There’s much to be learned here. We could write a thesis on the art of convenient pizza consumption.


8. It’s raining, you just bought a coffee, and now you must juggle like you’ve never juggled before to avoid spilling it on your beige chinos

large Amazon Amazon

Solution: The coffee-holder brolly. Look and FEEL cool as you dash around with this fashion-forward gem.

Umbrella-with-Coffee-Cup-Handle_1 Likecool Likecool

Or simply obtain a splash stick to avoid a traumatising coffee puddle on the lid.

A Blessing shannahhayley shannahhayley

9. You bought a fancy lunch to have at your desk but there’s no more clean cutlery left


Solution: Dig in with your hands, or purchase these inspired pen-lids to be the envy of all your workmates.

Dd7EfIV Imgur Imgur

10. Your co-workers keep robbing your lunch because it looks so nice

saddesklunch1 Sad Desk Lunch Sad Desk Lunch

Solution: Mouldy bags. They won’t suspect a thing.

Genius - Imgur Imgur Imgur

11. Your face when eating large, messy, masses of drippy gooey food is not as appealing as you’d like


Solution: A napkin with a delicate little clean face on it is your only saviour here, you animal.

N3AaPKL Imgur Imgur

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