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Every Irish household has these soup recipe bowls in their cupboard
Nostalgia pangs!

THERE ARE SOME household items that can be found in every Irish house.

Club Milk mugs, Simpsons magnets, Rice Krispie Bowls. That kind of thing.

But there’s one set of bowls that every single Irish house seems to inexplicably have.

We are, of course, talking about these recipe soup bowls.

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Lurking in every cupboard and press in Ireland is one of these bowls. (Not to mention every single charity shop.)

Onion soup, anybody?

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A quick, rudimentary search reveals that there were seven different iterations available.

Mushroom soup, oxtail soup, onion soup, chicken soup, scotch broth, tomato soup…


And the coveted Mulligatawny.

The rarest of the lot.

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All of them came complete with a handy soup recipe printed on the side.


So, there did they come from?

Unfortunately, the internet doesn’t throw up too many answers in this regard. While there are several mugs and bowls for sale on eBay, information on them is fairly scant beyond the fact that they date from the 1970s/1980s and bear a ‘Made in China’ mark on the bottom.

(One staffer has vague recollections of them being on offer from either a petrol station or a supermarket.)

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They’re not just a phenomenon in the UK & Ireland

Here are the same bowls with the recipe printed in French!

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Imagine. Your mam probably has loads of them lying around at home and now they’re considered vintage.

Mad Ted.

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Care to shed more light on the soup recipe bowls and where they came from? Let us know in the comments.

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