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# spar guy
This brilliant story about a kind Dublin shop worker is going super viral
All hail #SparGuy.

HEY, IT’S A DARK and gloomy Monday morning, and you might need something to cheer you up a little bit. Here it is.

Last night, drag performer Panti Bliss shared this screengrab from a friend’s Facebook page – the man describes how two customers in a Spar on Baggot Street in Dublin directed a homophobic slur at him.

What he didn’t count on, however, was the shop assistant coming to his aid.

So I'm in the Spar on Baggot Street getting a few messages and, as is my wont, I'm somewhat flamboyantly dressed in a big wooly jumper and short shorts. A D4 head in front of me in line turns to his scaldy hun girlfriend and says to her 'Look at the faggot in the shorts' and they both laugh. Then it's their turn to be served and the Spar guy refuses service because he heard what the guy says. The D4 head asks what he said, and the Spar guy told him he won't serve someone who calls another person a faggot. The D4 guy says this is ridiculous, but the Spar guy stands his ground, and after a bit of huffing and puffing, D4 Head and Scaldy Hun leave with no smokes and no wine, and I somewhat blushingly thank Spar Guy profusely for his decency and get smokes and wine. Here's to Spar Guy. Facebook Facebook

Here’s to Spar Guy, indeed.

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