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5 times Spotify Private Session ruined somebody's life*

*Or at least their credibility. And how to avoid it!

SPOTIFY HAS NOW been available in Ireland for more than a year.

One of its most essential features is the Private Session, where you can hide your mortifying musical taste from friends and family.

Source: support.spotify.com

And take care of important business. You know, the kind that needs taking care of.

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However, there are dangers. VERY REAL DANGERS.

This person knows the truth:

Because what if this happens?

Source: Awesomegifs

Or this?

Source: Gifsoup

Or even… THIS?

Source: Cutecatgifs

Basically, you’re going to feel like this person.

However, one man – no, one hero – has figured out how to avoid all Spotify Private Session mortification.

Simply tweet this foolproof disclaimer, and NEVER WORRY AGAIN.

Hurray!  Thank you Kevin McCaffrey. Thank you.

Source: Cheezburger

OK, this man interviewed in Dublin REALLY likes Madness>

Angry turkey chases helpless delivery driver around van>

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