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weekend wars

The 10 emotional stages of working at the weekend

The struggle. It is real.

WORKING ON THE weekend is the most evil of all the pesky necessary evils. While everyone else is sleeping and swanning around in town, you’re hard at it – is there anything less desirable?

We’ve all had to do it at least once, it pretty much never gets any better, and it almost always goes like this.

Friday night: Resignation

So you have to work tomorrow. There’s nothing for it but to get out your biggest tea mug, order in something suitably greasy, and watch all the chat shows.

fridaynight Shutterstock Shutterstock

It’s fine, it’s totally fine!

Saturday morning: Bargaining

giphy Giphy Giphy

You would do anything for an extra hour in bed. Anything.


At this point, your friends and acquaintances are blearily checking their phones for the time, grinning to themselves then rolling over for another big sleep.

Angry-Little-Girl-Crushes-Can-With-All-Her-Might MRWGifs MRWGifs

Saturday afternoon: Loss of reasoning

thankful Shutterstock Shutterstock

Everyone should be really nice to you for agreeing to give up your time to do this on the weekend. (They won’t be.)

Saturday evening: Temptation

On Friday night, your resolve was strong. On Saturday night, you have been weakened by a day of slog. You think you can have ‘just the one’.

tumblr_m87r71FjE31ruzy5u BlogSpot BlogSpot


After ‘the one’ you begin to experience a wicked feeling that’s all too familiar. Ah! It’s divilment. Sure will we just stay out? Won’t you be able to handle it in the morning? You will.

nightclub Flickr / whiskeytango Flickr / whiskeytango / whiskeytango


Sunday morning: Regret

regret Shutterstock Shutterstock

You fell for it. Now you must drag your sorry butt to work again, but this time in the horrors.

Sunday afternoon: The Blame Game

You wouldn’t be like this if SOMEBODY (you, but you won’t admit that to yourself) hadn’t persuaded you to stay out.

733 Replygif Replygif

Momentary release

filletroll3 Flickr / stevendamron Flickr / stevendamron / stevendamron

Usually in the form of a chicken fillet roll for lunch. You don’t care what anyone else thinks.

Sunday evening: Triumph

giphy Giphy Giphy

Hey, look at you! You made it! You’re still alive! (Just.) Congrats. Now to put it all out of your mind. Until next time…

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