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Parents are highly amused by these phallic Star Wars toys

May the Force be with you, indeed.

star-wars-7 Source: Attackofthefanboy

SOMEWHERE OUT there, several toy designers are banging their heads off their desks right now.

These Star Wars-themed ‘dive sticks’ (weighted sticks that sink to the bottom of a swimming pool) have been giving parents a chuckle.

We have absolutely no idea why. None at all.

413_1_ Source: Swimways

They’re just a tiny bit penis-like, no?

413_9_ Source: Swimways

The dive sticks are stocked in the US chain Target, which has received a few Facebook messages from customers pointing out the ‘interesting’ shape of the toys.

The Metro reports that Target responded to one amused parent on Facebook, apologising for the shape of the product:

Occasionally, we carry merchandise that some guests may find objectionable, as was your experience. We never want to offend anyone and have shared this with our Merchandise team for review.

We all had a good giggle, Target. No harm done.

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